Kitty Fisher’s

February 10th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorised 0 thoughts on “Kitty Fisher’s”

I think Kitty Fisher’s may be my new favourite restaurant! Having seen numerous mentions of it over the last year, by Nigella and Nigel, to name a few, I had been itching to go and was, thus, delighted when the Kitchen Boy told me he’d finally managed to secure a table for lunch.

Named after an 18th century courtesan and set in the heart of Mayfair’s Shepherd Market, the atmosphere in this little restaurant is fittingly cosy and voluptuously welcoming too. Maybe less so upstairs where the few tables feel a little close to each other but downstairs one almost feels transported to another era. The staff are warm and welcoming and enthusiastically helpful.

A glass of champagne was just the ticket as we perused the menu. Top of the menu are several small appetisers, all perfect mouthfuls with a glass of champagne or other aperitif. We opted for the Whipped Cod’s Roe on Bread with Fennel Butter and the Taleggio with Honey, Mustard and Truffle. And both were quite simply delicious.

The menu is quite small but so enticing that it was quite impossible to choose any one thing. In the end we went for four starters to share, which came to the table one after the other.

First to arrive was the Burrata, Beetroot, Radicchio and Pomegranate; a perfectly balanced dish of buttery, creamy cheese which almost melted around the earthy beetroot, the bitter leaves and the sweet and sour pomegranate dressing.

Next was the Beef Tartare with Horseradish, Shallot and Watercress. Maybe not the highlight of the lunch but up there with the best tartares.

This was followed by the Lamb Cutlets with Anchovy, Mint and Parsley; a stunningly delicious but simple dish. In fact, so delicious we were tempted to order another one.

Finally, came the Cornish Crab with Barbecued Cucumber, Dill and Seaweed; another beautiful dish although the crab may have been slightly overwhelmed by the cucumber.

We were pretty full by this point and, although tempted by all of the main courses we realised that it would be foolish to have a go!

Instead we shared a pudding, the Clementine Tart and a plate of cheese with quince. The tart was amazing; short, crumbly pastry with a sharp but sweet and undoubtedly clementine filling. The cheese plate was good too and came with some of the best savoury biscuits I’ve ever tasted.

In short, one of our most memorable meals. I loved it so much and felt so enveloped by the ambience that I didn’t want to leave. In fact, it was so good that as we left we booked to go again a few weeks later.